An Investigation of Suicidal Behaviour: A Case Study of Psychological Autopsy of a Female Teenager


  • Samuel Joseph Dakwak University of Jos, Nigeria.
  • Shoja Catherine Msendoo University of Jos, Nigeria.
  • Edward Mawun Dachalson University of Jos, Nigeria.
  • Judith Dyeme Daduut University of Jos, Nigeria.
  • Charles Nnaemeka Nwoga University of Jos, Nigeria.
  • Hoomsuk Patrick University of Jos, Nigeria.
  • Thelma Nkem Jacob University of Jos, Nigeria.
  • David Ajiji University of Jos, Nigeria.
  • Peace Satzen Azi University of Jos, Nigeria.


This study examines the concept of psychological autopsy by investigating a case study of a completed suicide of a 20-years old female.  A total of 3 individuals formed the participants of this study. A case study design was adopted using structured interview in psychological autopsy in vivo technique. The hypotheses of the study were tested using both descriptive and inferential statistic in simple statistical tabular form.  Demographic results of participants showed that 1 male (33.3%) and 2 females (66.7%), most participants within 20-30 years group (66.7%), with all of the participants being Christians (100%).  Inferential statistics results revealed that 3 (100%) of participants indicated that the deceased who died by suicide was friendly, jovial, respectful and kind hearted, 1 (33.3%) of participants assert that she became moody and socially withdrawn, that she was an introvert, and that her cause of suicide could be as a result of contracting an incurable disease, while 2 (66.7%) assert that she became somewhat lonely, depressed, had no relationship, and possible caused of suicide could be as a result of problem such as frustration, financial issues, relationship and emotional trauma. Recommendations and suggestions were put forth by the researcher.


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