Article Preparation:

1. Formatting: Full papers must be written in English, using font Times New Roman 12, double spaced, with a left margin of 3 cm, and top, right, and bottom margins of 2 cm. Paper size should be A4.

2. Paper Title:

3. Author Identification: Provide author(s) identifications and affiliations, including only the email and phone number of the corresponding author.

4. Abstract: The abstract must not exceed 250 words. It should be single line spaced, left-aligned, without italics, references, or formulae, and must be free of plagiarism. Include at least three to six keywords or phrases in alphabetical order, separated by commas.

5. Major Sections: The manuscript should include the following major sections:

- Introduction: Background to the Study

- Statement of the Problem

- Purpose of the Study

- Literature Review (including Theoretical Framework and Empirical Review)

- Hypotheses (or Research Questions or Both)

- Method

  - Design

  - Participants

  - Instruments

  - Procedure

  - Statistics

- Discussion

- Implications of the Study

- Limitations of the Study

- Recommendations

- References

6. Plagiarism Policy: Submitted manuscripts must not have been submitted or be under consideration for publication elsewhere. The acceptable level of plagiarism for the journal is less than 25%.